Everything I know about Career Advancement, I learned from watching… Robocop

As a serious fan of movies I love it when I watch something very familiar and gleen something new from the viewing, like some obscure detail in a scene that adds a new dimension to the story. Recently I caught an airing of Robocop on the TV – which is a classic example of once again watching a film I have on DVD just because it’s that good.

…from the director of gems like “Showgirls” and “Hollow Man”

As I watched this classic piece of 80’s sci-fi my mind drifted to the different things that films can teach us. Some movies are pure entertainment, some tell a story that needs to be told and some, like horror films (I’m a huge fan of horror movies) are actually modern day morality plays designed to teach the audience serious lessons (teen slasher flicks usually preach about the dangers of drink, drugs, and promiscuity – check out Scream for an overview of this and Halloween to see it in action).

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House of Pain and the Deadly Art of Business Analysis

My current contract has come to an end and I am facing into a new role starting on Monday. So, my next assignment beckons but, as House of Pain famously asked, “How d’ya know where ya’re goin if ya don’t look back?” So, with the last contract just over, and in the best traditions of PRINCE 2, what were the lessons learned from the past seven months?

Management Gurus "House of Pain"
Management Gurus “House of Pain”

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