Welcome to my blog, the site that provides me with the opportunity to detail the different technical and business situations I encounter, offer analysis, share knowledge, and express an opinion in a hopefully entertaining and engaging manner.

I’ve over twenty years experience in the IT sector and have worked with large and small organisations in the private and public sectors. Working as a contractor has enabled me to experience a wide variety of situations and challenges across a range of industries. I’ve implemented ERP systems with high-volume manufacturing companies, seen the effects powerful Business Intelligence tools can have on FMCG businesses, upgraded large bespoke Oracle databases in mission critical situations for government departments, and helped Sales & Distribution organisations leverage the information in their CRM systems to build lasting relationships with their customers.

Since 1997 I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing systems, and some not so amazing, but the fun part has always been in getting those systems working and then putting them to work. From infrastructure projects like network roll-outs and operating system upgrades to detailed Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management system implementations I’ve been fortunate to see how technology can make business better.

In this blog I’ll discuss how to use technology but also why to use it by analysing how technology can provide business benefit. I’m sure I’ll stray into non-technology issues from time to time but always with the aim to deal with matters of continuous improvement.


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