Dynamics AX 2009 Oracle to SQL Server Migration

Dynamics AX no longer supports the Oracle database and so pre-AX 2012 applications still on Oracle need to be migrated to SQL Server before they can be upgraded. Here’s how to overcome the risk and fear associated with Dynamics AX Data Migration. Continue reading “Dynamics AX 2009 Oracle to SQL Server Migration”

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g

Last week I found myself getting defensive with a colleague of mine in a conversation about the value of system prototyping. My colleague suggested that there’s a difference between IT people and everyone else and that it’s that two IT guys can look at a diagram and see how a system will work while everyone else needs to see the system in action. There is perhaps an element of truth to this but like most things in life I think it depends on the people involved (which is why I leapt to the defence of IT people everywhere as I don’t like generalisations being made that somehow mark us out as different). Sometimes I can look at a diagram and make the imaginative leap to how a system might work. There are other times when I like to play with a piece of software or whatever to get to know it, and at the end of the day there’s nothing like using a thing to understand how it operates.

Also last week I was discussing Oracle Warehouse Builder with someone. OWB (as it’s known) is one of those systems that I’ve experienced but would like to get more experience of and it offers some functionality that might solve a nasty little problem many businesses suffer from which has bothered me for a while.


Speaking of nasty little business problems…

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